Laser Hair Removal

Myths about Laser Hair Removal

“Laser hair removal has caused damage to my skin!”

“I don’t think I should get a  laser hair removal clinic in Abu Dhabi. It won’t just suit my skin color.”

“I’ve heard people get permanent scars after laser hair removal treatment.”

If you have heard these things about laser hair removal treatment, then you should probably read this article which contains the top myths about laser hair removal treatment. Don’t be so quick to kick out laser hair removal treatment from your options if you have been having troublesome hair growth issues, shaving, and stubborn aggravations.

A laser hair removal treatment can save you from all the painful waxing sessions that you have at salons as well as the unnecessary bruises you get from shaving at home. You will be missing out on getting subtle, smooth, and beautiful skin all throughout the summer by believing in myths about laser hair treatment.

So here are the top myths about laser hair removal treatment that can help you decide whether or not should you go for this laser hair removal clinic in Abu Dhabi treatment and enjoy stubble-free legs!


Laser hair removal is not safe

People find “laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi” to be synonymous with unsafe, harmful radiations, however, this is not true in the case of laser hair removal treatments. There are certain approved kinds of laser specifically meant for hair removal treatments. Many beauty salons and spas offer laser hair removal treatment which uses a cheap laser that can harm your skin and damage the tissues underneath. It is recommended to get a laser hair removal treatment from a certified medical clinic that has the right equipment for the treatment. You can also visit a licensed practitioner who has experience in performing laser hair treatments.

Laser hair removal causes more hair to grow

Laser hair removal does not cause more hair to grow. If that were the case, millions of people who suffer from hair loss patterns or opt for hair transplants would have opted for laser hair removal instead! Every individual has their own hair growth pattern which differs from one person to another. While some people have rapid hair growth in their puberty, others tend to grow hair at a later stage in life in new places. Laser hair removal treatment is effective in destroying hair follicles, but they can definitely not work in the opposite direction and grow more hair!

It is a painful treatment

Some people might feel slight pain or discomfort during a laser hair removal treatment. However, this does not necessarily mean that one has to suffer from unendurable pain during the treatment. People with sensitive skin are more prone to higher levels of discomfort, but this has been reported to feel like pinprick sensations and nothing more than that. Patients have said that laser hair removal treatment is far less painful than waxing, which tells you whether you should go for traditional waxing or a safe, effective laser treatment that promises long-term effects. So, if you hear someone saying that laser hair removal treatments are unendurably painful, feel free to correct them and make them understand how the process actually works.

Laser hair removal doesn’t work on certain hair colors

In a laser hair removal treatment, the laser is used to target certain pigments to destroy the hair follicle and prevent hair growth. These pigments are absent in red hair, which makes it difficult for the laser to treat them. However, with evolving technology, doctors turned to high-quality laser hair removal systems which target the tiniest particles present in the hair and reduce hair growth. White and grey hair still cannot be removed from laser hair treatment as they lack pigmentation. Apart from these two colors, laser hair removal can reduce hair growth in almost any other colored hair.

Laser exposes your skin to harmful radiation

Many believe that getting a laser hair removal treatment would expose their skin to harmful radiation with long-term side effects. But this is not true. Laser hair removal treatments are medically approved and safe to use. They are clinically tested and verified treatments which makes them safe and effective. While radiation does exist between the light barriers of the laser, it does not exit that space, which means it doesn’t cause any harm to the patient. So, even though a laser will be used to target the hair follicles, it would not affect your skin in any manner.

One laser hair removal session can give permanent effects

This is completely a myth. It is impossible to reduce hair growth for a lifetime or even get rid of all the growth at once in just a session. Hair grows in different cycles and it differs from one person to another. While you get a laser hair removal treatment and the laser targets your hair follicles, there will be a new batch of hair ready to sprout out from other places. The results can be seen after several sessions of a laser hair removal treatment, where each hair follicle can be targeted at its optimal timing.

Also, the effectiveness and longevity of laser hair removal treatments depend on a number of factors including hair type, width, color, the type of laser used, the amount of energy used in the laser, the skill of your doctor, your genes, and many others. Laser hair removal can reduce hair counts by 40% to 80%. After taking several sessions of laser hair removal, you will notice less hair growth or not at all.

Laser hair removal treatment causes skin burns

There are no major skin burns associated with laser hair removal treatments as such. It is extremely rare and uncommon for patients to suffer burns post a laser hair removal treatment. However, people with dark skin might suffer slight burns, that will fade away with time. It is recommended to talk to your dermatologist or physician before you go for the treatment. Get your skin assessed and check if it is prone to any severe side effects, ask your doctor for precautionary measures, and make sure you follow them to avoid any unforeseen damage to your skin.

You can’t get laser hair removal during the summers

You can definitely get laser hair removal treatment in the summer. But if you have a dark tan, it can affect the ability of the laser to target your hair follicles. However, with the latest high-quality laser technology, dermatologists and doctors can now precisely work on dark skin tones too and target the right hair follicles without error. The only difference would be that you might require a few extra treatments as compared to someone without a tan.

Laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi is safe and affordable, but most importantly it’s a virtually painless treatment for removing unwanted hair from your body. Also, please talk to your dermatologist before the treatment to know what to expect and take necessary precautionary measures. It is extremely important to note that you do not lay out in the sun or get a tan within 72 hours of your laser hair removal treatment, before or after.

Your skin will get discolored after laser hair removal treatment

Laser treatments can alter the color of your skin and cause some discoloration. Having dark skin or a tan increases the chances of this, however, you can talk to your dermatologist regarding the same. Ask about treatments and remedies that can correct skin discoloration that you might experience post a laser hair removal treatment. But, it’s not necessary that your skin will suffer from discoloration always. It depends on a lot of factors such as skin type, genes, hair type, hair thickness, skin sensitivity, a laser used, etc.

Your dermatologist or doctor can give you all the necessary information regarding laser hair removal treatments. Get a pre-check-up of your skin and hair did to ensure that you take all precautionary measures to avoid any possible side effects. Stay connected with your dermatologist and ask questions that you might have, don’t believe in the myths that surround laser hair removal treatment as they can prevent you from having beautiful, smooth skin for all the wrong reasons.

Tell your doctor about your previous medical history, and any current medication that you take since they can affect and interfere with laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi treatments.