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TRICHOLAB – Advanced hair consultation 

At SMMC, we understand the importance of healthy and beautiful hair. That’s why we offer TRICHOLAB, an advanced hair consultation service that combines cutting-edge technology with expert analysis to provide personalized solutions for your hair concerns. Whether you’re experiencing hair loss, thinning, or scalp issues, TRICHOLAB can help you understand the underlying causes and develop a customized treatment plan.

During your TRICHOLAB consultation, our experienced hair specialists will use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to assess the condition of your hair and scalp. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your hair follicles, scalp health, and overall hair quality. Through advanced imaging techniques and microscopic examination, we can identify any underlying issues that may be affecting your hair. We will perform detailed assessments, including high-resolution imaging and microscopic examination, to uncover any underlying issues that may be causing hair loss, thinning, or scalp concerns.


Accurate Diagnosis: TRICHOLAB offers a precise and detailed assessment of your hair and scalp condition. This allows our experts to pinpoint the root cause of your hair concerns and provide targeted solutions.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Based on the findings from your TRICHOLAB consultation, our specialists will develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This ensures that you receive the most effective and appropriate solutions for your hair concerns.

Advanced Technology: TRICHOLAB utilizes state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide accurate and in-depth analysis. This includes high-resolution imaging, trichoscopy, and other advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate your hair health.

Expert Guidance: With TRICHOLAB, you’ll have access to our team of experienced hair specialists who will guide you through your hair care journey. They will explain the results of your consultation, address any concerns you may have, and recommend the most suitable treatments or products to improve your hair health.

Open Hours:

  • From Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 8 pm.

During a TRICHOLAB consultation, our experts will examine your hair and scalp using advanced diagnostic tools to assess their condition, identify any underlying issues, and develop a personalized treatment plan.

The duration of a TRICHOLAB consultation can vary depending on individual needs, but it typically takes around 60 to 90 minutes.

Yes, TRICHOLAB is suitable for all hair types and concerns. Whether you’re experiencing hair loss, thinning, scalp issues, or other hair-related concerns, TRICHOLAB can provide valuable insights and personalized solutions.

Yes, SMMC offers a wide range of advanced hair treatments and therapies based on the findings of your TRICHOLAB consultation. Our experts will guide you through the available options and help you choose the most suitable treatments for your specific needs.

The frequency of TRICHOLAB consultations depends on your hair condition and treatment progress. Our experts will provide guidance on the recommended interval between consultations to monitor your hair health and adjust the treatment plan if necessary.

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    تجربة رائعة! أثناء الاستشارة في TRICHOLAB ، تم توضيح أسباب تساقط شعري وتم تطوير خطة علاج مخصصة لي. لاحظت تحسنًا كبيرًا في صحة شعري وزيادة كثافته بعد اتباع العلاج الموصى به. أنا سعيدة جدًا بالنتائج وأوصي بشدة TRICHOLAB!


    لقد كنت أعاني من مشكلة فقدان الشعر لفترة طويلة ولم أكن أعرف ما السبب. بفضل TRICHOLAB ، تم تشخيص حالتي بدقة وتم توجيهي إلى العلاج المناسب. أنا ممتن لفريق SMMC على مساعدتي في استعادة صحة شعري وثقتي بالنفس.


    تجربة رائعة مع TRICHOLAB! تم تقديم استشارة مفصلة وشاملة لحالة شعري ، وتم توضيح الأسباب المحتملة لمشكلتي. استلمت خطة علاج مخصصة والنتائج لا تصدق. أشعر الآن بثقة أكبر وأنا راضٍ تمامًا عن الخدمة.


    أوصي بشدة TRICHOLAB! قدموا لي تقييمًا دقيقًا لحالة شعري وشرحوا الأسباب المحتملة لمشكلتي. تم تحديد خطة علاج فردية وتلقيت نتائج مذهلة. فريق SMMC محترف وودود وقدم لي الرعاية المثلى لشعري.

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