TRICHOLAB – Advanced hair consultation

Hair Analysis with TrichoLAB

Hair analysis with TrichoLAB is the key for your personalized treatment plan and therapy documentation.

Analyzing hair loss with Handyscope (FotoFinder), a professional micro camera with polarized light associated with a server where expert trichologists analyze the photos taken, is the best way to identify the origin of hair loss; correct diagnosis is essential for treatment success.

TrichoLAB is a globally operated lab which specialized in procedures for the observation of hair and scalp disorders. It uses the method of “trichoscopy”, the truly advanced and reliable first choice method of hair analyses: By just taking photos of your scalp, your physician can make precise and painless scan of your hair and a sophisticated evaluation of your hair loss. Without shaving or plucking.

Hair Loss- a common problem

Hair is a sensitive and complex structure. Losing hair is a psychological process, present in the life of every person. Each day we lose hair and each day new hair starts to grow on our skin and scalp. We speak of hair loss in case of losing too much hair (usually more than 100 day).

Are you losing more than 100 days a day? Or have you detected individual bald spots? If so, please make an appointment to see us.

See the causes and target the treatment.

Hair disorders are common and can be caused by genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders, labor, nutritional deficiency, stress, pharmaceuticals or infections. There are more than 20 diseases that can be responsible for hair loss. In some of them, to get full hair regrowth, it is crucial to start a proper therapy as fast as possible. This is why accurate evaluation of hair loss is essential for a successful treatment.

Hair loss frequently Asked Questions

Can hair loss be successfully treated?

Yes. There are proven treatments for all types of hair loss. However, the final result depends on proper evaluation, severity of the condition, and on individual response to the treatment.

How should I get prepared for the trichoscopy examination?

Trichoscopy does not require specific preparation. However, it is advised not to use artificial hair fibers. For better visibility hair dyeing is advised for grey hair. 

How long does the procedure take?

Usually, the complete procedure takes 10-15 minutes. The result is available within one week.

Is trichoscopy painful?

Not at all. Tricoscopy is a non-invasive procedure. No hair shaving or plucking is needed.

How often should tricosopy be repeated?

Usually it is repeated after a minimum of 3 months. This period is needed to observe the effect of a therapy. In untreated patients or in case of rapid worsening, follow-up tricoscopy may be performed earlier.


The Examination and TrichoLAB report.

The tricoscopy examination is non-invasive, fast and painless. A series of panoramic and microscopic scalp images is taken in specific areas using a digital dermatoscope. With just a click, the images are securely transferred to TrichoLAB where they undergo an indepth statistical analysis and where they are assessed by hair experts. Detailed data on hair and hair follicles are used to indicate key parameters like hair density, average hair shaft thickness, cumulative hair thickness, hair distribution, etc. the data provided by the TrichoLAB report help us to properly visiualize your hair disorder and to create an individual therapy concept.

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