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Revlite Hair bleaching Revlite laser technology offers the ultimate solution to fine hairs that cannot be easily removed. The treatment bleaches the hair thus making it invisible without any risk of stimulating the hair growth. Carbon laser Also known as charcoal peel or charcoal facial, carbon laser leaves skin firmer, smoother, and softer. This non-invasive

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    Special Offer: Book one FULL body laser hair removal session for 999 AED only!*This offer doesn’t include chest, back and abdomen   Enjoy the latest and most safe laser hair removal machine in the UAE: Candela Gentle Max Pro “the cold machine” Finish your FULL body laser hair removal session in 90 minutes only! What Is Laser

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Skin Lesion, Birth Mark and Tattoo Removal Abu Dhabi Hyperpigmentation is referred to any kind of abnormal skin darkenings such as birthmarks, freckles, liver spots, and other pigmented patches on the skin. There are many skin treatments that can reduce hyperpigmentation in the skin and give an even tone with natural, beautiful-looking skin. Revlite treatment

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Myths about Laser Hair Removal “Laser hair removal has caused damage to my skin!” “I don’t think I should get a  laser hair removal clinic in Abu Dhabi. It won’t just suit my skin color.” “I’ve heard people get permanent scars after laser hair removal treatment.” If you have heard these things about laser hair