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Vela Shape 3 is the latest non-invasive skin treatment that uses a combination of technologies to reduce the appearance of cellulite and contour your body. It is has evolved as one of the most safe, reliable and effective cosmetic procedures for treating cellulite and body shaping.

Vela Shape 3 uses vacuum technology that manipulates the skin, while the infrared and bi-polar radio frequency energy heats the fat cells of the targeted area and its surrounding tissues. Vela shape produces an efficient heating and vacuum which stimulates the growth of fresh collagen and elastin – naturally produced chemicals in us beings to maintain a healthy, voluminous and smooth body texture.

Collagen and elastin are known to reduce skin laxity, thereby making the skin appear firmer, tighter and plumper. Vela Shape 3 helps you achieve a firm and younger looking skin without any skin folds, wrinkles or visible cellulite in a safe and effective manner. You can get a contoured, well-shaped and toned body with just 3 treatments of Vela Shape 3.

This procedure can be used to treat different parts of the body including thighs, buttocks, hips, love handles, upper arms, bra lines, saddlebags, abdomen and knees.

How does the Vela Shape 3 work?

Vela Shape 3 feels like a warm, deep massage if not anything much calmer and relaxing. Many patients have found Vela Shape to be a comforting and pain free treatment that can easily contour your body and eliminate all the excess cellulite efficiently.

The degree of the treatment can be customised as per the patient’s skin type, body type, severity of cellulite visibility, degree of body contouring desired and expected results. One might experience a tingling sensation in the treated area for a few hours post treatment, but it is completely normal and the sensation will subside on its own.

Optimal results for Vela Shape 3 can be achieved after 3-6 sessions where the patients can notice a reduction in both, the visibility and circumference of the cellulite in the treated area. The ultimate results depend on multiple factors which includes skin type, severity of cellulites and other important things that might affect the final output of a Vela Shape 3 procedure.

In clinical trials, Vela Shape 3 has been found to reduce up to one full dress size after a series of continuous treatments. The time taken for one session of a Vela Shape 3 treatment is approximately 40-60 minutes depending on the skin area to be treated, body type, age of the patient, equipment used and expertise of the physician performing the treatment.

Are you a good candidate for Vela Shape 3?

Vela Shape 3 is not a weight loss treatment which reduces your weight, it technically just makes your skin tighter, firmer and plumper making it give a younger and thinner appearance than normal. It uses a different combination of technologies for body contouring and reducing the visibility of cellulite that increase skin laxity.

Vela Shape 3 is an ideal treatment for people with a BMI (body mass index) below 30. It is recommended that you visit a doctor or consult a medical practitioner before you go for the treatment. A professional dermatologist or cosmetic physician can analyse your body type and determine the suited procedure for you.

Is Vela Shape 3 safe?

Vela Shape 3 is safe, reliable and effective as per clinical standards. It is a potential skin treatment suitable for all skin types and colours. There are no reported short- or long-term effects of Vela Shape 3.

Are Vela Shape 3 treatments painful?

Most patients describe Vela Shape 3 as a soothing, warm sensation on the treatment area. While it is comforting for many patients, some even experience a slight tingling sensation which will subside over the next few hours or days. One might also observe a slight pinkish red appearance on the treated area that may last up to few hours post treatment, and the skin might appear pink for several hours.

What are the final results of a Vela Shape 3?

In clinical trials, Vela Shape 3 have been found to reduce up to one full dress size. The final results may vary from one individual to another, depending on multiple factors such as skin type, body type, genes, hereditary, age of the patient and equipment used by the doctor.

But you can expect to see a significant change in the treated area with reduced cellulite appearance and circumference. Also the skin will appear to be more firmer, tighter and smoother, making you look young.

How quickly will I notice the change after Vela Shape 3?

Vela Shape 3 produces a gradual shift in the skin as it stimulates collagen and elastin beneath the surface of the treated skin. Since it completely depends on each individual’s collagen and elastin production rate, the results also vary from one person to another.

Over time, you will see a significant reduction in the circumference and visibility of cellulite, this will give the treated area a much smoother, tighter and firmer look. The results can be observed after 10 weeks from the treatment.

How long do the results last?

Following your first treatment session, it is advised that you follow a scheduled regime and periodically receive maintenance Vela Shape treatments. Similar to all cosmetic procedures, the results of Vela Shape 3 lasts longer if you follow a balanced diet with a regular exercise regime.

How many treatments are required?

Typically, it takes around 3-6 treatments of Vela Shape 3 to achieve the results. You can either take multiple short sessions or go for a long session at once which is equivalent to 3 sessions. Talk to your dermatologist about your needs and expectations, after assessing your skin type and considering other factors, your doctor will be able to recommend you the proper treatment and the frequency of each session required.

What is the downtime for Vela Shape 3?

Vela Shape 3 is a non-invasive procedure which has virtually no downtime. You can continue your daily activities right after the treatment or as per suggested by your doctor. Consult a doctor for any precautionary measures that you should take care of before or after the treatment.

Vela Shape 3 treatments should be followed by a balanced and healthy diet with strict physical exercise regimes to make the results last longer. Cosmetic procedures can be quite expensive, and if you are planning to get a body contouring treatment or cellulite reduction procedure, you should talk to a professional about it first.

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