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SkinMed Medical Center is the new destination for customized, affordable and safe skin tightening treatments in Dubai. To help you get a smooth, young and firm looking skin, we have created a team of experts which comprises of expert dermatologists trained for clinically approved skin treatments.

We use state-of-the-art technologies to create impactful results that last long without any significant side effects. Made from fine quality medical grade ingredients, our equipment use the latest and most safest technology to ensure painless and comfortable skin procedures.

Every treatment program is customized and modified in accordance to your skin type, requirements and expectations. We believe in delivering quality services that justify the cost of the treatment and does not burn a hole in our patient’s pockets.

Whether you are looking for a simple chemical peel procedure or an intensive Ultheraphy, SkinMed Medical Center provides the most reliable and completely safe treatments.

Identification of the Suitable Skin Treatment

The first and foremost part of a treatment begins with evaluating the patient’s skin. From identifying skin problems, texture, tone, genetic problems, hereditary traits to faster aging problems, our doctors get to the root of the cause of your skin problems and understand how your body works or what exactly triggered these problems.

Once the evaluation is complete, a customized plan is made which is aligned with the patient’s skin problems, budget and desired results. It is highly important that you consult a dermatologist or visit our doctor at the clinic before finalizing the treatment by yourself. Our doctors are professionals who have years of experience on skin problems and their treatments.

Be prepared to answer all questions about your previous and current medication or medical history, especially related to the heart, liver or kidney. Since many skin tightening treatments involve skin exposure to laser or radiations, you need to be upfront about any condition you might have that could affect or hinder the progress in a cosmetic or skin treatment.

Tell the doctor about your previous cosmetic skin tightening treatment history, if any, or any skin problems or sensitivity issues that could impact the skin treatment you are about to go for. Also, do not forget to tell your doctor if you have been using retinoid creams such as tretinoin (Renova, Retin-A, others) which tend to enhance the penetration of some chemical peels.

Need of a Skin Treatment

Skin treatments are used to reduce acne scars, marks, pigmentation, discoloration, uneven skin tone and slow down the aging signs on your skin. From eliminating those annoying neck skin folds to giving a soft, subtle and smooth skin texture, skin treatments provide a wide variety of results that rejuvenate the skin from within.

With rising pollution and stress, every individual is aging faster and experiencing skin issues caused by exposure to the sun, harmful toxins released by automobiles and even pulling all-nighter shifts at work. Lack of sleep leads to insomnia, disturbed sleeping patterns, improper blood circulation, unhealthy diet can trigger skin problems and cause acnes to pop out right on your face.

In order to identify and resolve these skin problems, one needs to undergo skin treatments or cosmetic tightening procedures performed by professional and certified dermatologists or doctors.


Treatment For Desired Results

A handful of doctors and medical experts are selected at the SkinMed Medical Center to perform cosmetic procedures. It is the top-rated skin clinic and dermatology center in Dubai which promises quality services at affordable prices. Each procedure requires a specific training and thorough knowledge of the treatment.

If you are looking for the skin tightening treatment, consider SkinMed Medical Center or talk to a dermatologist and discuss what you are looking for. With a history of successful treatments and happy patients, we take pride in being one of the top skin clinics in UAE.


Clinic for Skin Tightening Treatment

A skin clinic must abide by all the formal rules and laws laid by the law officials that protect patients ensuring a transparent, formal and effective medical treatments. SkinMed Medical Center is one of the and leading skin tightening treatment clinics in Dubai with hundreds of patients with a history of successful skin tightening treatment with optimal results.

The medical center has an experienced and professional team of therapists, doctors, dermatologists and physicians who have undergone several trainings to ensure that they provide their abilities and skill set to the patients. SkinMed Medical Center is one of the most reliable and safe clinics in Dubai that offers affordable skin treatments which are highly effective.

Right from evaluating a patient’s skin in order to determine a suitable skin treatment to recommending a list of precautionary measures before, during and after the treatment, our doctors are well versed with handling different situations efficiently.

We focus on delivering quality services within an affordable budget so as to cater to a wider range of audience. When it comes to skin treatments or cosmetic procedures, patients look for safe and reliable professionals that have experience in the subject. It is quite obvious that no one would want to risk their skin in the hands of an unprofessional team of doctors.


Cost of the Procedure

The cost of a skin treatment depends on a number of factors. Some of the most common factors which contribute towards the final cost of a skin treatment are:

  • Severity of the skin issues
  • Any medical condition of the patient to be considered during the procedure
  • Age of the patient
  • Equipment used during the procedure
  • Experience of the doctor performing the treatment
  • Reliability and professionalism of the clinic

Deep cleaning by Hydra Facial costs about 800AED, whereas a session of Obagi Facial costs 700 AED. Every skin treatment differs from one another and can cost on a medium scale of AED 200 to AED 2000 or more.

We offer a bunch of services that provide face rejuvenation and anti-aging effects:

To know more about the prices of our services or book an appointment, contact us now.