How do you get the laser hair removal treatment?

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Any woman’s dream is to get rid of all unnecessary body and facial hair forever! That’s why laser hair removal is a great solution. This works by removing hair without burns, nicks, and redness caused by shaving and waxing. Laser hair removal is regarded as a permanent hair loss procedure, and although it is not completely removed, it decreases hair growth and the need for shaving or waxing. But is this a safe process? Sure, it is safe for use on most parts of the body, including the legs, arms and bikini, stomach, back, and even the face (with the exception of the eyes, for sure, because it is a sensitive area).

Steps you need to take before and after the treatment

  1. Ask the dermatologist if the laser is right for you or not. Laser hair removal works by breaking down the pigment that gives the hair its color (melanin) in the hair follicle, which leaves the hair weak and the hair fades. So, the procedure will work better to remove rough, dark hair. It won’t work as well to remove red, blond, gray or white hair. Laser hair removal treatment may not work for women with different hormonal problems. If you are taking some medications, especially new ones or antibiotics, ask your dermatologist before you get laser hair removal. Some medications may cause sensitivity or irritation, which may lead to serious injury or burns from treatment.
  2. Before and after your laser session, avoid exposure to the sun. Once you have been recognized as a good candidate for laser hair removal treatment, it is critical to avoid sun and tanning areas in the first six weeks leading up to your treatment. In fact, exposing your skin to laser treatment with tanned skin can lead to burns and irritation.
  3. Before the laser session, take a shower. Once you leave for your session, shower and wash your face with a gentle cleanser or soap. You want to remove all of the bacteria, dirt, and oil from your skin. Stop moisturizing before the session, too.
  4. Only one session, not enough. As we know, laser hair removal only targets hair in the active growth phase, so many patients need between 4 and 10 sessions to achieve the desired results. Treatments usually take place every one or two months, depending on the nature of the skin. After each session, you should see less and less hair in the treated area, and the hair that continues to grow should be thinner and lighter in color.

Can everyone have a laser?  

As we mentioned earlier, laser hair removal treatment is aimed at pigment or melanin, so it is used for those who have darker hair and lighter skin.

The problem with using a laser for those with darker skin is that melanin in the upper layers of the skin will also absorb some of the laser light and warm-up that can cause a burn or redness in the skin. Similarly, if you have fair hair, the laser will be much less effective.

Not only do you save thousands of dirhams in body waxing over the years, but you save money, and perhaps even more importantly, pain! Whether you’re done shaving your legs, using a laser is the ultimate solution. We at SMMC can tell you that the pain isn’t that bad, and it’s considerably less painful than waxing!