Skin boosters are micro injections of dermal fillers in the skin. Contrary to dermal fillers which are injected beneath the surface of the skin to voluminous and give a fuller look to the face, skin boosters are injected into the skin to hydrate and improve skin quality.

Skin booster is done with the help of fine dermal fillers which can be used to treat large areas of skin including hands, neck and face to improve the hydration quality of the skin. Skin boosters are applied with a mesotherapy gun which consists of fine, needle-like structures that deliver a specific amount of dermal filler to a specific area.

It uses a suction mechanism to bring the skin to the needles in order to provide an even distribution of the derma filler up to 1 mm of the skin. The depth of injection can be modulated by the injecting gun. A numbing agent is applied prior to the treatment which makes the treatment a comfortable experience without any noticeable pain. You can also opt out from the numbing cream since the suction helps to alleviate any discomfort.

During the treatment, multiple injections activate the fibroblasts which promote new collagen and elastin formation. Due to this increased level of new collagen and elastin, the treated skin looks much younger with a glowing and plump texture.

The dermal fillers that are used in skin booster treatments are non-cross-linked fillers which make them highly fluid and less viscous. Unlike the cross-linked fillers which produce a fuller look, skin booster treatment does not result in any lumps whatsoever.

Are you a good candidate for Skin Booster?

Skin booster treatment is suitable for many (if not all) people except for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is highly recommended for those who are looking for a reliable, long-lasting and suitable treatment to improve their skin’s quality.

The skin booster treatment does not aim to reduce fine lines or fill in wrinkles. Rather it focuses on nourishing and hydrating the skin by forming new collagen and elastin in the long term. Patients observe a dewier and more natural glow like skin texture after the skin booster treatment which also results in a slower ageing process.

The skin booster treatment works extremely well when combined with other skin treatments. It enhances the effects of other treatments giving our patients more than what they had expected. You can take a combined treatment for skin booster along with skin laser treatments, Infini RI needling, skin tightening and other dermal filler procedures.

Benefits of Skin Booster

Skin booster is an effective treatment which renders healthy skin by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. Many benefits are associated with skin booster treatment:

  • Skin boosters help restore the lost balance of the skin by rendering a much smoother and finer experience.
  • The dermal fillers are very fluid which gives a smoother look to the skin
  • With the increased production of collagen and elastin, patients notice a firmer and younger looking skin
  • The treatment does not have any side effects and is usually suitable for all skin types

After a few treatments, as advised by your medical practitioner or dermatologist you will find your skin looking more radiant, flawless and elastic than before. The skin of your hands, face and neck can be improved by using this method of skin treatment.

Injections are typically used over the course of 2-3 treatment sessions, with 2-4 weeks apart, to restore your skin’s elasticity and smoothness in a gradual manner. If you want long-lasting effects, make sure you go for maintenance sessions (approximately 6 months apart) regularly.

There are no side effects related to skin booster in most cases, however, some do experience redness, swelling, inflammation which tends to reduce by the 2nd day of the treatment. Skin boosters make your skin look healthy with a natural glow from within.

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