Can Acne be treated and how can we get rid of its marks?

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Whether you feel embarrassed or flustered about your skin with acne scars, you need to know about therapies that can remove or reduce their appearance. These acne scar treatments are not a permanent cure, but they help to minimize the appearance of scars.

Wide pores seem to be a facial thing so many of us just can’t get rid of. You’ve probably been working on cleansing your face, peeling and covering your skin to minimize the existence of those acne or mask pores that already exist, but they just won’t shrink. Well, to help minimize your pores, you first need to understand what they are, what their purpose is, and what causes them to appear larger in a specific location. Let us have a brief idea of the types of acne and how to deal with them and how to work on healthy skin.

So, what are the pores, exactly?

The word “pore” literally means a hole or opening in a surface where small particles can enter. This is also where the sebum (natural oils of our body) is distributed to the surface to allow our skin to be naturally moisturized. Although their appearance may be frustrating, in reality, pores are helpful in maintaining healthy skin, but what about their appearance, which makes us feel less confident and shy!

What you really need to know is to understand a few details about how pores can help you deal with them in a healthy way and help you avoid potentially damaging your skin with unnecessary products and make you aware of which treatment will be effective for you.

Acne-Scar Removal Treatments

Many people choose to remove their acne scars because they are negatively disturbed by the presence of wounds. Others have acne scars that are critical and disfiguring and choose to remove them to restore the appearance of their skin.

If you have acne scars, contact your dermatologist as soon as possible. He or she can prescribe remedies for your scars and explore ways to prevent potential scarring.

Common scar removal treatments include:-

  • Chemical peeling: Chemical peels may reduce the appearance and post-effect of shallow acne scars around a healed acne lesion. A chemical peel may be administered by a doctor and involves the use of certain chemicals on your skin to remove the outer layer, giving it a smoother, softer and evener appearance. Depending on the strength of the acid used, you may feel redness and peel a few days later. Luckily, we’re offering skin peeling in our center to help you get rid of this silly look.
  • Lasers: We offer laser treatment with the most sophisticated and safest devices to remove the outer layer of your skin, contour areas of acne scars, or remove redness around healed acne injuries. Various types of laser are used, depending on whether the acne scar is wide or small. More than one laser therapy may be needed.
  • Fillers: Lack of hyaluronic acid accelerates the aging process and makes our skin look tired and old and has a lot of marks and acne. Filler treatment is an effective skin treatment that helps to slow down the aging process and gives us a younger, healthier, pure skin look. It was considered a cure for certain types of acne scars, especially those that resulted in a depressed appearance of the skin. Since the fillers are eventually absorbed into your skin, you will have to repeat the injections of the filler, usually every few months, depending on the type of product used and your skin. There is no set time to recover from this procedure.

Note that SkinMed Medical Center in Abu Dhabi specialized in skin and body care, always try to make you feel satisfied with our high-quality services and care for your beauty and health, so we can help you get rid of all these scars.