About Dr. Maha Hussein

Specialist Dermatologist

Background on Dr. Maha

  • – Dr. Maha Hussein is a Specialist Dermatologist with extensive experience in general dermatology and cosmetic surgery.
  • – Dr. Maha is dedicated to the needs of her patients and uses the most advanced medical and surgical techniques available. Thus, you can feel safe trusting your skin care needs to someone as trained and experienced as Dr. Maha

Educational Qualification:

  • – She holds a Masters degree of Dermatology and a PhD degree in dermatology and laser sciences from Cairo University
  • – She is accredited as a lecturer of dermatology and a licensed laser specialist.


Dr. Maha’s Expertises in Cosmetic Dermatology:

  • – Botox for brow lift, wrinkles and excessive sweating
  • – Filler injections for cheeks, defined lips, under eyes, nasolabial folds and hand rejuvenation etc.
  • – Skin boosters for face, neck and hands
  • – Thread lifting
  • – Chemical peeling
  • – Platelet rich plasma for hair loss and skin rejuvenation
  • – Mesotherapy for hair loss and rejuvenation
  • – Laser surgery for scar treatments, leg veins, wrinkles and rejuvenation, pigmentation like tattoos and freckles
  • – Fat lipolysis injection for localized fat
  • – Acne and acne scar treatments
  • – General dermatology needs such as acne, rosacea, eczema and other problems of the skin, hair and or nails are also treated