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"Where Beauty Meets Science"

At SkinMed Medical Center, we're more than just a dermatology clinic. We're your partners in the journey to radiant health and beauty. Led by the expertise of Dr. Sherif Mattar, our center in Abu Dhabi is a sanctuary where science and aesthetics converge to provide comprehensive skincare and wellness solutions.

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Our Promise

Our Promise

Come experience a revitalized journey to your most radiant and healthy self with Dr. Sherif & SkinMed Family. your wellness, our passion.

At SkinMed Medical Center, your wellness is our passion. We're committed to providing personalized care in a welcoming environment, ensuring each visit leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Our Expertise

We Offer a Whole Range of Medical Services

From the skilled hands of Dr. Sherif Mattar, we proudly unveil the transformation into SkinMed Medical Center. A Fresh chapter begins, where beauty meets science, and you wellness takes center stage.

Advanced Skincare and Rejuvenation

Our team of skilled specialists is dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal skin. With services ranging from Hydrafacial and Chemical Peels to innovative Anti-Aging and Carboxy Therapy, we’re equipped to address all your skincare needs.

Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Solutions

Turn back the clock with our range of anti-aging treatments. From Botox and Fillers to state-of-the-art Laser Therapy, we offer non-invasive options to rejuvenate your appearance and boost your confidence.

Cutting-Edge Body Contouring

Discover the art of body perfection with our advanced contouring services. Using the latest technologies like Velashape 3 and Sculpsure, our treatments are designed to sculpt and refine your body, delivering visible results from the very first session.

Specialized Treatments

  • Laser Hair Removal: Experience the most advanced, pain-free hair removal technology.
  • Hair Loss Solutions: Revitalize your hair with our range of innovative, non-surgical treatments.
  • IV Vitamin Therapy: Boost your health and vitality with our tailored IV drip treatments.

"Your Beauty Transformation Starts Here"

Dreaming of flawless skin and a youthful appearance? At SkinMed Medical Center, we turn these dreams into reality. Discover our exceptional offers designed to enhance your natural beauty and rejuvenate your youth.

Imagine achieving radiant, refreshed skin through cutting-edge techniques and treatments tailored just for you. From instant facial rejuvenation to deep body relaxation, our offers ensure an unmatched experience.

Utilizing the latest innovations in skincare and body care, our offers combine effectiveness with luxury. Whether you're looking to improve your skin texture, reduce wrinkles, or simply indulge in some pampering, we have everything you need to feel unique and beautiful.

Don't miss this opportunity! Book your appointment now and start your journey to the beauty you've always dreamed of. Contact us today to discover our exclusive offers and experience the difference at SkinMed Medical Center.